Free Guide to Living With Worry and Anxiety

Two Pyschology Doctors have published a Self-Help Guide on Managing Worry and Anxiety during the Coronavirus Crisis

Barnes & Noble: Free Stress and Anxiety Management eBooks

Many eBooks on stess management. Just create a free account and access these wonderful and helpful eBooks.

Vox: How to manage anxiety during a pandemic

Vox published this great article giving ways to manage any anxiety that could stem from this pandemic.

NYTimes: 10 Ways to Ease Your Coronavirus Anxiety

These simple tips will help you relax and put things in perspective — in between washing your hands, of course.

PBS: How You and Your Kids Can De-Stress During Coronavirus

If you are feeling stress about COVID-19, you are not alone. Here are some tools for kids and parents to use to help navigate these worries and stresses in this.

Wired: How to Stop a Coronavirus Anxiety Spiral

Here’s what you can do to relieve your worries, while still keeping you and your family safe.

NOBA Project

It's a website that has compiled Psychology topics into easy to read modules. They have been compiled by psychology university professors to help facilitate free education for students. You can even download the ones you're interested as a PDF as many times as you want. All of this is free!


One of the biggest and best Self-Harm Support Communities on the internet. This website provides help for those who struggle with self harm, suicidal thoughts, mental illness, eating disorders and abuse.